A new paradigm to monitor and stimulate the brain


Mobile brain signal sensing and stimulation systems


Use cases

Neuropathic pain

Helping SCI patients reduce their pain

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Cognitive enhancement

Improving mathematical abilities in children with dyscalculia

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Brain Computer Interfaces

Making possible for the first time brain to brain communication

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NE® team

Ana Maiques


Ana Maiques is the CEO of Neuroelectrics, a company aiming to change the way we interact with the brain, developing innovative technologies to monitor and stimulate the brain to help many patients in need. She was nominated by IESE...

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NE® team

Giulio Ruffini


Dr. Giulio Ruffini obtained a BA in math and physics from Berkeley and a PhD in theoretical physics from UC Davis/LANL...

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NE® team

Uri Fligil

Marketing and COO

Uri coursed Business Management in Israel (The College of Management) and an MBA at IESE Business School. He has worked intensively in Israel, Switzerland, USA, Holland and Spain, having acquired great experience in the medical sector. Just after graduating, he launched a start-up in the cardiovascular field in his homeland: Israel. Before joining Neuroelectrics, Uri worked at Medtronic,...

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NE® team

Guillem Mitjà

Technical Manager

Guillem graduated in Industrial Engineering with electronics specialization in 2006 at the Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya UPC in Barcelona. He wrote his master thesis in Saarbrücken (Germany) for the “Lehrstuhl für Processautomatizierung” on positioning using IMEMS sensors. In 2006, he started working for Bernecker & Rainer in Austria as an application engineer, before creating its subsidiary in Spain in 2007. In 2008 he changed position in the same company to work as a sales engineer in automation systems for OEM machinery manufacturers in different sectors. Since joining Neuroelectrics in 2011, he is responsible for the launch of new cutting edge products...

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Advisory Board

Alvaro Pascual-Leone, MD, PhD

BIDMC/Harvard Medical School

Prof. Adam Gazzaley

Neuroscience Imaging Center / UC San Francisco

Prof. Roi Cohen Kadosh

Kadosh Lab, U. of Oxford

Prof. Michael Nitsche

Universitätsmedizin Göttingen

Dr. Luis García-Larrea

Neurological Hospital of Lyon/ INSERM

Prof. Niels Birbaumer

University of Tübingen