September 19, 2016

BIOMAG2016 & Workshop in Asia

During October, Neuroelectrics travels to Asia!

To start, our team is excited to participate in the 20th International Conference on Biomagnetism (BIOMAG2016) that will be held in Oct 1-6 in Seoul, Korea. Besides attenting to conference, Neuroelectrics is also organizing the satellite meeting on Theoretical and Practical aspects of tCS. The satellite course will provide an overview on tCS, including tDCS and tACS; it will explain how to combine tCS with EEG, fMRI and MEG; and it will describe how tCS can be used to control fpilepsy and for stroke rehabilitation.

Later on, Neuroelectrics will travel to China. In October 10, a workshop entitled A wearable platform of neuromodulation with brain wave monitors will take place in Tianjin, where Dr. Alejandro Riera will introduce to the future brain health care and explain how to combine neurofeedback based on EEG with tCS.

See you in... Korea? China?

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