With our multiple electrode systems for transcranial stimulation comes the possibility of more precise stimulation and/or extended cortical targeting. StimWeaver is a stimulation optimization service based on our electric field modeling technology. StimWeaver has been designed to find stimulation montages (electrode positions as well as currents) specifically adapted to user-defined targets. Please see our recent paper or wiki entry on the subject of optimization of montages starting from well-defined cortical target maps.

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Our staff will work with you to define the optimization problem and then produce a mathematically optimized montage based on your specifications (cortical target map, maximal current at each electrode or at all electrodes, number of electrodes to be used, etc.). Our optimization software carries out a thorough search in the space of our electrode locations in our 10-10 Neuroelectrics EEG cap and stimulation currents to produce the best solution for the optimization problem. Optimization can be carried out for DC, AC or RN stimulation scenarios.

Technical Specifications

Stimweaver has the technical features:
User provides target specification and other constraints (maximal currents, number of electrodes, etc). This is a rather technical discussion encompassing neurophysiology to systems neuroscience, and we can work with to define both locations and relative weights for stimulation.
Once target and weight maps are define, an optimal montage found ("weaved") and provided to you with a Stimulation StimWeaver Report which specifies the currents and locations for each electrode and with a graphical display of the solution (Electric field distribution in the cortex).


Can be used for:
Definition of montages for basic research studies using tCS/tES
Customization of montages per subject (e.g., depending on lesion location and characteristics)


No software is need, as StimWeaver is run on Neuroelectrics servers.

Product content

The package consists of one Optimal montage provided to user with Stimulation StimWeaver Report

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