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Starstim® is a research-class multichannel transcranial current stimulator (including tDCS, tACS and tRNS), an EEG and accelerometry recording system – all in a single lightweight, wireless package. Full of safety features, our rechargeable, precise and comfortable systems allow for mobile EEG data capture as well as safe, advanced multifocal tES/tCS. And they are powered by intelligent software and cloudware. Stimulate where and when you want – in the clinic or at home.

Research-class, safe & easy-to-use tDCS/tCS with EEG


StarStim® is a wireless hybrid EEG/tCS 8-channel neurostimulator system. It includes the comfortable...

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This telemedicine neurostimulation kit is intended to allow doctors and researchers to conduct...

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Starstim tCS® is a wireless multichannel transcranial current stimulator including tDCS, tACS,...

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