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Support Query Form

Please use this form only for technical questions or for issues regarding your Enobio or Starstim system.

In order to best assist you, provide the Serial Number of your device and the NIC software version* you are using as well as the operating system of your laptop/computer. Also, feel free to contact us at support@neuroelectrics.com

*Where your software version can be found:

  • Using NIC1.4: Go to SETTINGS and you will see the software (NIC) version
  • Using NIC2.0 is displayed in the left corner of the window

Serial Number which can be found on the back of your StarStim or Enobio device (NECBOX). This number would have the format "E201XXXXX-XX"

Version of NIC software used with your system. This number would have the format "1.2.9", and can be found in the bottom right corner of the Settings tab in NIC.

Firmware version of your NECBOX. This number would have the format "1.2.51", and can be found in the bottom right corner of the Settings tab in NIC, once the device is paired with the NIC software.

Operating system of your computer.

A one-line description of your issue

We inform you that your personal data will be included in a file, under Neuroelectrics Barcelona SLU. It will be used to contact and inform you about our services. According to the provisions of the LOPD, you may exercise your rights of access, opposition, modification or cancellation at Avinguda Tibidabo 47 bis, 08035 Barcelona, Spain.

You can select multiple files with your modification key (CTRL most likely)


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