Top 5 most notorious psychiatric cases

What are the neurosciences all about? About understanding the brain, right? So far so good, but how do we approach the brain studies? It isn’t easy since the brain happens to be the most complex organ (and probably the most complex system) known to man. One possible way, which has brought some light to our […]

A Simple EEG Experiment

Carrying out an EEG experiment is complex, expensive and time-consuming. This blog post is meant to provide a series of guidelines by focusing on a concrete experiment. Hopefully this will teach you some basic concepts regarding experimental design in general and it might also save you some time and money by not falling into typical […]

Why do we Sleep?

“Why are we sleeping?” Kevin Ayers, Soft Machine 1968. The plain answer is that we do not know, but we do have some hypotheses. What it is clear is that sleeping and the brain are very closely related, so this question belongs to the field of neuroscience. Actually, sleep studies include the so-called hipnogram recordings, […]

4 Awesome Brain Imaging Techniques

Brain science has made huge advances in the past decades, and our understanding of the brain, far from being complete, has increased enormously. These advances have been made possible thanks to the different brain imaging techniques discovered during this last century. In this post we will go through the 4 most awesome of these techniques […]

The Unknown History of Brain Science

Brain Science is older than you might expect. Of course, many of the first brain theories were wrong, but you might be surprised by the fact that the first known writings about the brain date fback to 4000 BC. Let’s have a quick overview of some of the main historical milestones regarding the Unknown History […]

The Brain in Numbers

Everybody knows what the brain is, although not everybody has realised how complex it is. The results obtained in  a recent study suggest that every person has more connections in their heads than the sum of all the physical networks of the world. Wow! No wonder  the brain is considered the most complex system in […]

EEG Signal Processing for Dummies

As promised in my previous post about Event-Related Potentials, I will explain the basics and standard steps commonly used in the analysis of EEG signals. There is a lot of literature and many concepts are involved in the field of EEG signal processing, and some of them can get very technical and difficult. That is […]