What is QEEG?

Non-invasive EEG recording techniques consist of the recording and interpretation of voltage fluctuations generated by the brain along the scalp, being measured by an array of electrodes that covers the whole scalp surface or a given area of interest. From the first EEG experiment recorded by Berger in 1929 to the late 1960’s EEG was […]

4 Awesome Brain Imaging Techniques

Brain science has made huge advances in the past decades, and our understanding of the brain, far from being complete, has increased enormously. These advances have been made possible thanks to the different brain imaging techniques discovered during this last century. In this post we will go through the 4 most awesome of these techniques […]

EEG Signal Processing for Dummies

As promised in my previous post about Event-Related Potentials, I will explain the basics and standard steps commonly used in the analysis of EEG signals. There is a lot of literature and many concepts are involved in the field of EEG signal processing, and some of them can get very technical and difficult. That is […]