tDCS and Stroke: What We Know So Far (Jan 2013)

In this blog post I review – briefly and by no means exhaustively – some of the literature on the use of tDCS in stroke. This is of special interest to me these days, as I am involved in a study with my colleagues at the Burke Medical Research Institute in White Plains (NY, USA) […]

Latest advances on Neurorehabilitation: moving forward!

As some of you know I am an entrepreneur leading a medical device company working on brain related technologies. Bust what most of you don´t know is that at personal level I also happen to have a very close relative, my aunt Vicky, who suffered from a cardiovascular accident that force her to stay in […]

Neurofeedback: Unlocking Your Brain’s Possibilities

First of all, what the hell is Neurofeedback? Neurofeedback is a therapy, a tool, a technology that gives you the possibility of direct training your brain functions. Many cognitive processes and mental states such as stress, attention or relaxation can be measured in your brain waves and therefore be monitored. Neurofeedback allows you to observe […]

Is tDCS Safe?

What do we know about the safety of tDCS and its variants? Quite a bit, as it turns out: in short, application of tDCS with the protocols used to date appears to be safe [Poreisz2007a, Brunoni2011a].   Already in 2008, Nitsche et al concluded: Extensive animal and human evidence and theoretical knowledge indicate that the currently […]

How Smart is your Gut?

We all know that our guts and our emotions are intimately linked and have felt (at the very least) butterflies in our stomachs before a big event. What you might not know however is that your gut contains about 100 million neurons which, to put it in perspective, is not far off what a dog […]

What is a Brain Computer Interface?

Probably you’ve heard about brain-computer interfaces, neural interfaces or brain-machine interfaces and as most people you may wonder what these topics are about. A Brain-Computer-Interface or BCI provides an alternative method for acting on the world. Brain waves can be measured recording the electrical activity along the scalp, what is known as EEG. Nowadays analyzing […]