Top 7 Weirdest EEG Applications

As we know, the main uses of EEG include diagnosis and neurofeedback therapy (including BCI). Theses applications falls into the clinical realm, but there are many more applications, some of them quite strange to say the least. One important point before starting this post: EEG and BCI are nowadays mainly used for clinical purposes, but […]

What is Loreta? What can I use it for?

Neuro-imagining techniques aim to represent the structure or functioning of the brain. They can be understood as an X-ray photograph of the brain that in the case of functional imagining will show the brain areas activated during a process or cognitive task, and techniques such as fMRI, PET or MEG are examples. Pascual-Marqui, Michel and […]

Neurofeedback: Unlocking Your Brain’s Possibilities

First of all, what the hell is Neurofeedback? Neurofeedback is a therapy, a tool, a technology that gives you the possibility of direct training your brain functions. Many cognitive processes and mental states such as stress, attention or relaxation can be measured in your brain waves and therefore be monitored. Neurofeedback allows you to observe […]

Is Neuromarketing about to Explode?

I invite you to follow me walking down beautiful Las Ramblas in Barcelona, as I was some years ago. Imagine a nice looking woman stops us offering a nice amount of money to get participate in marketing study: we are to follow here into a nearby hotel and, sitting comfortably, choose the commercial we like […]

Emotion Recognition Using EEG

Is it possible to recognize emotions with EEG? Well, short answer is yes, it is possible and it’s been done for years. However, to better understand what is done we should go over four questions: What, which, where and how. The first question we should address is: What are emotions? There are many approaches for […]