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Enobio® is a wearable, wireless electrophysiology sensor system for the recording of EEG. Using the superb Neuroelectrics Cap, Enobio 20 is ideal for medium-density recording research applications requiring the full 10-20 system (e.g., sleep studies). It comes integrated with an intuitive, powerful user interface for easy configuration, recording and visualization of 24 bit EEG data at 500 SPS, including spectrogram and 3D visualization in real time of spectral features. It is ready for research or clinical use as well as telemedicine using our NUBE cloud system for experimental data collection and organization. In addition to EEG, triaxial accelerometer data is automatically collected. You can also use a microSD card to save data offline in holter mode. Enobio 20 5G is CE-certified and FDA-cleared as a medical device for the recording of EEG.

Check out the list of Publications using Enobio – Over 70 during the past 10 years!

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