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Starstim tCS® is a wireless multichannel transcranial current stimulator including tDCS, tACS, tRNS. Using the superb Neuroelectrics HeadCap, it provides 8 channels of stimulation using small, EEG-like electrodes, and it can also be used with classic sponge and other electrodes. Starstim tCS® comes integrated with an intuitive, powerful user interface for easy configuration and monitoring of stimulation parameters and fast multifocal tCS electric field simulation using an advanced FEM head model. It is ready for research or clinical use, offering Sham and Double blind modalities as well as telemedicine using our NUBE cloud system. Packed full of safety features, it is currently classified as an investigational device under US federal law.

Check out the list of Publications using Starstim – Over 50 during the past 4 years!

Product code: NE004WF

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