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Starstim tCS Home® is the most advanced and flexible system for tCS Home Studies. It allows for up to 8-channel tDCS, tACS, or tRNS sessions using Sponstim or NG Pistim electrodes, from the patient’s home, with strict remote supervision. On top of the widely acknowledged quality known from Starstim tCS®, Starstim tCS Home® offers unique features to support remote treatment, following state-of-the-art security and accessibility standards. In addition to the stimulator device, it includes the home interface tablet which guides patients through the scheduled treatment. The information synchronizes in real-time with the Neuroelectrics portal. The Neuroelectrics headcap is equipped with color codes to simplify preparation for treatment sessions.

Starstim tCS Home® has been applied in clinical research and treatment, with over 700 successful remote sessions year to date, to chronic pain, post-stroke, and elderly populations. It is currently classified as an investigational device under US federal law.

Check out the list of Publications using Starstim – Over 50 during the past 4 years!

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