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This telemedicine neurostimulation kit is intended to allow doctors and researchers to conduct hybrid EEG & tCS sessions in the hospital or lab, and also to prescribe stimulation sessions using a predefined montage and protocol for each patient. Therefore, the complete kit includes one hybrid EEG/tCS StarStim system, three StarStim tCS simplified systems, three laptops for home use and a Neoprene Punch Tool. One-year subscription for the NUBE Stimulation service is provided with the kit, and the NIC Home software comes installed on the three laptops.

Ideally, the doctor/researcher uses NUBE Stimulation platform to create stimulation protocols and montages, and to schedule the stimulation sessions for the patients/subjects. The Punch Tool shall be used by the doctor/researcher to customise the neoprene headcap by creating holes only in the positions of the cap to be used by each patient. At home, the patients/subjects use the StarStim tCS device and NIC Home software to conduct safe stimulation sessions that are monitored via NUBE Stimulation cloud by the doctor/researcher.

Check out the list of Publications using Starstim – Over 50 over the past 4 years!

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