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Nowadays, clinicians and researchers struggle with the increasing amounts of data that are collected and need to be stored, organised and processed everyday. Additionally, multichannel EEG devices like Enobio® generate large data files, specially in long experiments like sleep studies. To overcome this problem, Neuroelectrics® has prepared the NUBE Research cloud service that combines data storage with NeuroCIRRUS data analysis tool.

NUBE Research:
NUBE Research is the NUBE platform that manages and stores all your EEG files together. First, you can upload the EEG recording files directly from NIC to NUBE and save space in your hard disk. Secondly, even if you have used different computers in different labs to perform the EEG recordings, all of your files can be gathered together on the cloud and organised by Subject or included in the same Experiment. Thirdly, you can even draft the background, methodology, the results and conclusions related to your experiment.
NeuroCIRRUS is the processing tool that analysis your EEG files and creates automatic reports that are saved together with the data file on NUBE cloud. CIRRUS offers two types of processing: basic and advanced. The Basic configuration allows you to modify the reference signal: you can choose a specific channel, use the linked ears method, or reference all channels to their average. The Advanced configuration lets you choose the cut-off frequencies of the filter, customise the frequencies of the brain rhythms, perform EOG correction, identity alpha peak frequency, among other parameters. CIRRUS reports include analysis of the signal quality, accelerometer data, the EEG temporal response, frequency analysis per channel and band power scalp distributions.

NeuroCIRRUS processing tool is bundled with NUBE Research cloud platform. One-year subscriptions, that include data storage and processing, are provided. Different packages are available in order to match your research needs. For further information, please contact our sales team (

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