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The MRI filter is the most important component of the MRI compatible kits for stimulation. The Bipolar kit requires the use of one single filter, while the Multi-channel kit is equipped with two filters to make possible the use of the eight stimulation channels of StarStim®.

The filter is essential to maintain MRI imaging performance, preserve physiological recording quality and create a safe operating environment. The installation of the filter on the patch panel is a crucial step when assembling the MRI kits, and it is recommended to be handled by personnel specialised in shielding systems. The filter must be placed on the side of the patch panel facing the MRI control room as shown on the diagram below. Each filter is provided together with the one MRI Harness, which is a 10-meter cable that connects up to five MRI Electrode Cables located in the MRI chamber room to the filter inserted in the patch panel.

Both filter and harness are provided by BIOPAC Systems, Inc..

Product code: NE046ab

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