Neuroelectrics & iMotions


The iMotions-Neuroelectrics integration combines Neuroelectrics’ EEG solutions with iMotions’ multimodal biometric research platform, enabling users to conduct more advanced research.

iMotions simplifies advanced biometric research

Create cutting-edge multimodal biometric research with greater ease and efficiency


  • One computer, one software, multiple modalities
  • Setup studies, collect and analyze data
  • Real-time integration, synchronization, and visualization
  • 100+ sensors from 25+ partners integrated

Features and Benefits

Wet and dry electrode options

Choose either dry electrodes for ease of use or wet electrodes for higher signal quality

8, 20, or 32 channels

The Enobio comes in a range of different sizes, suitable for a wide range of application areas

Real-time data visualisation

Watch all live data streams directly on-screen for live monitoring and quality assurance

FDA & CE Medical approved

Regulatory approved for medical research in the United States and Europe

Lightweight EEG

Weighing only 65 grams allows for freedom of movement and non-invasive research

Prefrontal headband

The Neuroelectrics Neoprene headband add-on enables insights into executive function

Wireless Collection

Simple setup and wireless data collection allows you to start recording in less than 5 minutes

Multimodal ready

Full freedom to expand and scale your research with eye tracking, GSR, EEG, and much more

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