Digital Brain Health

Neuroelectrics is a digital brain health company with proprietary hardware and software to research, diagnose and treat brain disorders, with the goal of helping treating brain disorders and improving overall brain health.

Tools and Technologies for Academic and Clinical Research EEG,tCS,tDCS,tACS,tRNS

Non-invasive brain stimulation using transcranial current stimulation, alone or combined with EEG, is increasingly the go-to method for research involving brain stimulation, due to its safety, low cost, and the vast improvements made in next generation products.

Our Enobio® (EEG-only) and our Starstim® (EEG + tCS) products have up to 32 independent channels. Starstim® electrodes can be used for both recording and stimulation, allowing unprecedented precision including for closed-loop applications. Starstim is also completely wireless and cloud-connected, can use many types of electrodes including our proprietary gel-free electrodes, and works with our brain modeling and other software.

Hundreds of customers in over two dozen countries are already using our products for academic and medical research, including investigator-sponsored studies. (see patients section)

Besides neuroscience and medical research, some of our customers are pushing the boundaries of neuroscience in areas like Brain Computer Interfaces.

Clinical Programs in Diagnosis and Treatment of Brain Disorders

Our EEG is CE-marked for medical use in Europe, and FDA-cleared in the US. We also have programs to use EEG to develop biomarkers for neurodegenerative conditions including Parkinson’s disease and dementia.

In the US we are sponsoring an FDA-approved clinical trial at Boston Children’s Hospital to use our products to reduce seizure frequency in patients with focal epilepsy that is not well managed with medications.

For Patients and Physicians

We understand that neurological and neurodegenerative disorders are difficult for patients, families and caregivers. Neuroelectrics is working hard to bring therapies based on our technologies to patients worldwide. Contact us for a list of clinics that provide therapies based on our products or enroll in one of our clinical trials if you live in the USA.

Technology Platform

Neuroelectrics takes pride in delivering powerful, precise, and convenient to use products. But what makes Neuroelectrics unique is our fusion of neuroscience, computational physics, AI/machine learning, and sensor technology. No other EEG-neurostimulation company has our Precision-tCS targeting system, deep-learning EEG platform, or computational brain models built over the last decade.

Neuroelectrics’ Starstim® is the only EEG-plus-neuromodulation product that is not only completely wireless, but also includes cloud-based monitoring, data storage, cybersecurity, and remote monitoring to allow patients, under the supervision of a physician, to receive the care they need in the comfort and privacy of their home.

Neuroelectrics’ products are not currently approved for patient use in the USA or other regions outside of the European Union and Canada. Contact us to be notified of updates as we advance our therapeutic products into the clinic.

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