June 13, 2019

Hands On Workshop EEG & Brain Stimulation, September 2019

Come and join our 3rd workshop on new technologies in tCS and experience Brain Stimulation with one of the most cutting edge technologies of the market in:

BARCELONA, September 19-20 - BOSTON, September 26-27

The two-day intensive Workshop is designed for researchers and health care professionals who are interested in, or already working with non-invasive electrical brain stimulation. Workshop will cover the theory and applications of various tCS techniques (tDCS, tACS, tRNS), including simultaneous EEG and fMRI recording, from well established to the emerging techniques and applications. Workshop will be focused on the tCS clinical applications, multichannel stimulation, modeling and optimization, targeting brain networks and closed-loop stimulation.

1/ Participants will receive tailored input in small groups, including academic lectures as well as extensive hands-on tCS training.

2/ The workshop will be held by leading researchers and medical professionals.

3/ Attendees will have the opportunity to bring up questions on specific topics or applications for discussion during the workshop.

4/ Special discounts on devices (only during this workshop).

Pre-register here!

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