October 4, 2017

iMotions and Neuroelectrics partner to combine innovative EEG solutions with supplementary biometric sensors and self-report

Copenhagen and Barcelona, October 4, 2017

iMotions, the leading provider of solutions for multimodal biometric research, and Neuroelectrics, the leading manufacturer of medical EEG headsets with dry and wet electrodes for fast and scalable testing, are joining forces to expand EEG further into the digital age.

“Neuroelectrics is really excited to partner with iMotions to offer an advanced platform for Biometric Research that will be able to offer our high quality dry and wet electrode EEG technology with 8, 20, or 32 electrodes to users worldwide” says Ana Maiques, CEO, Neuroelectrics.

As part of the agreement between the two companies, Neuroelectrics state of the art EEG hardware will be fully integrated into iMotions’ platform to allow for seamless data collection, synchronization, visualization and analysis in combination with other sensors and technologies such as eye tracking, galvanic skin response, facial expression analysis, and much more in one single computer system.

“We’re seeing adoption of EEG at a much larger scale, being used to investigate and predict human behavior at much larger scale than before. With our new partnership with Neuroelectrics we’re pleased to offer even more options such as dry electrodes for ours and Neuroelectrics’ clients to create more cutting-edge research.” says Peter Hartzbech, founder and CEO, iMotions.

The full integration will already be available to all clients in the next version of iMotions, scheduled for October 2017.

About iMotions

iMotions provides software, hardware, and services to academics, neuromarketers, UX researchers, members of the medical community, and Fortune 100 companies to elevate human behavior insights by using psychophysiological measurements from eye tracking, facial expression analysis, EEG, Galvanic Skin Response, ECG, EMG, integrated with self-report measurements from surveys.

Founded in 2005, iMotions has offices in Copenhagen, Boston, Singapore, and Berlin. Its solutions are used by more than 600 clients in more than 70 countries around the world by leading academic institutions such as Harvard, Stanford, NYU and MIT, and leading brands such as P&G, Unilever, and GM.

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