October 31, 2018

NIC 2.0.10 is ready for release!

Neuroelectrics has released 2.0.10, here is the list of software changes:

  • New faster synchronization algorithm to get ms precision over long experiments and get data fully synchronized over LSL in hyper-scanning experiments.
  • Sham configuration moved to a separate setting window where it clearly shows the different fade-out/in ramps that are involved in each Sham mode.
  • NIC can be closed when SD recording is selected, and a protocol is going on. In Holter mode the application is closed, and the device keeps recording for the time programed in the protocol. The device blinks while recording and stops blinking afterwards.
  • The channel arrangement in Liveview plot was organized according to its placement in the protocol. Channels from the different layers are shown from the front of the head to the back and from the left to right hemisphere. The former are placed on the top of the plot and the later on the bottom.
  • Sped up EDF generation by multithreading processing.
  • Offline mode can accept files recorded in the SD card (SDEEG files) for viewing and as source for exporting to other formats.
  • Custom Views (EEG single view, accelerometer, Spectrum, Spectrogram, Cortical map and Scalp map) are now available in offline mode.
  • Small report as in previous NICOffline application when in offline mode is available.
  • Custom Cortical Map view was simplified with better real time visualization performance on low-cpu computers.
  • Computation of stimulation dosage for a protocol now considers the different ramps involved (including sham).
  • Feedback was added on the progress of the manual impedance check procedure. In addition, the obtained values now are automatically saved to a text file.

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