The Neoprene HeadCap Cover protects and secures in place the electrodes and the multi-channel cables. With the headcap cover, low impedance values can be more easily obtained for stimulation experiments and better quality EEG signals can be acquired. The headcap cover is available in four adult-sized models (XL, L, M, S). The kid-sized models (K, KS) are offered when acquiring the size-corresponding Kid Neoprene Cap.

Technical Specifications

Headcap specs:
Material: neoprene
Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Cranial perimeter (cm): 49 (S), 54 (M), 57 (L), 60 (XL)
Compatible systems:
Starstim 8
Enobio 8
Enobio 20
Enobio 32
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