The Neuroelectrics® Neoprene Headcap for kids is a colorful cap that fits to children's heads. With 39 predefined positions, its positioning grid is based on a subset of the international 10-10 EEG system. Extra positions can be made available by using the neoprene punch tool. The kids cap is available in two versions: Kids (K) with a 46-cm cranial perimeter, and Kids-Small (KS) with a 42-cm perimeter. The kids cap is provided with a free headcap cover that, not only helps to hold the system and cables in place, but also gives children a funny perspective towards the EEG experiment.

Technical Specifications

Headcap specs:
Material: neoprene
Sizes: KS, K
Cranial perimeter (cm): 42 (KS), 46 (K)
Number of holes: 39
Frontal-polar: Fp1, Fpz, Fp2
Frontal: F3, F7, Fz, F8, F4
Anterior-frontal: AF3, AF7, AF8, AF4
Frontal-central: FC1, FC5, FC6, FC1
Central: C1, C3, Cz, C4, C2
Temporal: T7 (T3), T8 (T4)
Central-parietal: CP1, CP5, CP6, CP2
Parietal: P3, P7, Pz, P8, P4
Parietal-occipital : PO3, PO7, PO8, PO4
Occipital: O1, Oz, O2.
Compatible systems:
Starstim 8
Enobio 8
Enobio 20
Enobio 32
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