The MRI Sponstim electrodes are radiotranslucid electrodes for transcranial current stimulation (tCS) that can be used during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This electrode is available in three different models that vary in shape (circular or rectangular) and/or in area (25, 8, 5x7 cm²). MRI Sponstim electrodes are included in the MRI Kits prepared for tCS experiments inside the MRI scanner. All models must be used with saline solution. MRI Sponstim is not intended for EEG recording.

Technical Specifications

Cover: sponge
Core: carbon rubber
Shape: circular or rectangular
Contact area: 25 cm² or 8 cm² (circular), 5x7 cm² (rectangular)
Stimulation (tCS):
Stimulation (tCS): tDCS, tACS, tRNS
Durability: 100h of tCS
Contact liquid: saline solution
EEG monitoring: no
MRI compatible: yes
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