Stimweaver-P is a target optimization service, for tDCS and tACS, that is based on a personalized head model. First, a 3D computational model is created based on individual MRI data provided by the user. The multi-layered model is then used to compute the parameters that will optimize the electric current within the brain region previously defined by the user. The service allows iterative target adjustments, and also multi-focal targets for stimulation.

Stimweaver-P is optimized for the new Starstim 32

Technical Specifications

Personalized Computational Model:
Based on MRI segmentation of T1- and T2-weighted data
Multi-layered isotropic FEM model created
Head & Neck represented
Electrode size and conductivity adjustable to the model
Target Optimization:
Multi-electrode tDCS, tACS, tRNS
Customized montage constrains: # of electrodes, maximum injected current, etc.
Genetic algorithm computes the optimal montage
Report generation
Electrode type supported: Pistim and NG Pistim
Other Features:
Iterative target adjustments
Multi-focal targets
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