The MatNIC Remote stimulation client is a Matlab toolkit for advanced researchers. MatNIC functions give you full control of all Neuroelectrics devices using Matlab. With MatNIC you can, for example, modify in real-time any stimulation parameter, or receive and process EEG data.

There are two packages:

  • MatNIC: Free MatNIC to control remotely the NIC software. It is sent by the support team. Request it at:

  • MatNIC closed-loop: Special MatNIC package to control remotely the NIC software and to perform online stimulation changes. Contact sales for a quote.

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MatNIC Free version

MatNIC Closed Loop (Special)


MatNIC is a Matlab toolkit, i.e., a set of Matlab functions that allows the user to interact with the NIC (Neuroelectrics Instrument Controller) instrument controller and, in turn, with the device that is connected to it (both Starstim or Enobio class). MatNIC provides control of the main functions of NIC, namely, (1) streaming of EEG data and (2) management of neurostimulation. This functionality gives the user full remote programmatic control over NE devices such as Enobio or Starstim from a Matlab environment. To allow this, the NIC (Neuroelectrics Instrument Controller) software includes a TCP/IP server for clients to connect to in order to remotely control the Enobio/Starstim device or receive EEG data and manage the stimulation. As such, the use of the MatNIC environment implicitly makes use of three elements that need to work in concert: Matlab with MatNIC, the NIC software and the Enobio/Starstim device (via Bluetooth). It is noteworthy that with this architecture Matlab and NIC can run on the same or different computers in a network connected via TCP/IP.

Technical Specifications

With MatNIC you can fully control your device:
Start and Stop of EEG data streaming
Loading of user-defined brain stimulation templates
Launch and stop stimulation
Once a stimulation protocol is launched, the stimulation parameters at each electrode can be modified online during stimulation, including: tDCS, tACS and tRNS amplitudes, tACS frequency and phase and tRNS spectral distribution.
Multiplatform. Use of MatNIC requires a computer running Matlab

Product content

MatNIC Matlab toolkit and User Manual. Needs Starstim / Enobio device. Matlab license not included (but is required to use MatNIC).

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