Product discontinued: Still available as a free download with limited support and no maintenance for compatible devices.



Surfing the brainwaves
Multi-electrode neurofeedback solution using EEG spectral features
Configurable electrode positions using Neuroelectrics Cap
Robust, reliable band-power and accelerometry based features extraction
Compatible with all band-power based neurofeedback protocols
Allows for EEG recording and concurrent transcranial current stimulation with Enobio and Starstim respectively
Provides therapist with session statistics and an exportable Session Report in html/PDF
Neurosurfer, a novel mobile solution for neurofeedback training
Flexible training neurofeedback configuration
Advanced multichannel frequency band-power based training protocols including frequency ratios
Robust reliable training features calculation including ocular artifacts correction and noisy sequence rejection
Use most popular pre-defined training protocols or easily configure your own
Full control of training session configuration
Multi-Game platform compatible with Enobio or Starstim:
Provides simple and engaging neurofeedback training with 2D/3D games
Full game configuration including choice of scenarios, sound, camera views, reward visualization and music
Achieve immersive 3D neurofeedback training scenarios using the Oculus Rift and headphones (optional)
Combine neurofeedback with transcranial stimulation using Starstim
Option for game customization
EEG features
Visualization and recording of 8, 20 or 32 EEG channels and accelerometer data
Real-time filtering of the data for standard or custom bands
Line noise filter at 50 or 60 Hz
EEG time-frequency analysis
Real-time PSD plots using configurable windows
Real-time Spectrogram
Power bar band or ratio representation
Scalp map for the spatial power distribution
Stimulation (with Starstim use only)
Configuration of multi-electrode stimulation protocols including tDCS, tACS and tRNS
Combination with Pre, during or post stimulation EEG recording
Sham mode
Blind mode for double blind studies
Easy to use interface in basic mode
Advanced mode for sophisticated protocols
Band filtered tRNS
Brain models and simulation (with Starstim use only)
NIC includes realistic brain modeling tools to simulate electric field distribution for the configured stimulation protocol, with visualization tools for time-varying stimulation (tACS and tRNS)
Simulations of the electric field in the white or grey matter interfaces
Display of the potential, electric field magnitude and components (tangential or orthogonal to surface values)
Single hemisphere view
Electric field values for chosen AAL cortical regions

Technical Specifications

Neurosurfer is fully compatible with Enobio and Starstim:
Multi-electrode neurofeedback solution
Configurable electrode position using Neuroelectrics' Cap
Robust, reliable band-power based and accelerometry feature extraction
Compatible with all band-power based neurofeedback protocols
Allows for EEG recording and concurrent transcranial current stimulation with Enobio and Starstim respectively
EEG recording and data management
Stimulation protocol definition (basic and advanced)
Provides session statistics and a Report (html and PDF)
Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and Mac OS X


Applications include:
Neurosurfer can be used for any neurofeedback protocol relying on spectral features, including ADHD and addictive disorder therapy.
Research applications where Neurofeedback and tDCS/tCS/tES need to be combined.
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Neurosurfer is an extension of NIC, so there is no need for extra software. You can still use NIC Offline to browse saved data, of course.

Product content

Neurosurfer software application and User Manual (requires Enobio or Starstim). Please note that the Oculus Rift device is needed for 3D gaming (not provided)

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