NIC Offline is a data browser tool with data visualization functions similar to those in NIC. With NIC Offline you can load inspect and "playback" your Enobio or Starstim recordings, and visualize EEG features including raw or filtered data, spectral density, spectrograms, spectral power scalp maps, etc. NIC Offline and NIC are Windows and Mac compatible and they are bundled with our systems (free to download). And we will keep adding functionalities to them.

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Load and playback Enobio and Starstim recordings
Visualize and recording of 8, 20 or 32 EEG channels and triaxial accelerometer data
Filter and visualize data using standard or user-defined EEG bands
Line noise filtering at 50 or 60 Hz
Import / export data in different formats
EEG time-frequency analysis
PSD plots using configurable temporal windows
Spectrogram visualization
Power bar band or power ratio representation
Scalp map for the spatial power distribution or selected features

Technical Specifications

NIC Offline can manage all our systems and data streams and is multi-platform:
8, 20 and 32 channel EEG and triaxial accelerometry data management
Data analysis (spectral features, scalp maps, spectrogram)
Open and display recorded files using NIC (.info, .easy, .nedf, .sdeeg) and export them to other formats (.edf, .nedf, .easy)
Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and Mac OS X


Data inspection / data analysis / data management


See NIC for related information.

Product content

This software and its companion (see NIC) are bundled with our devices. You can download it from our Downloads section.

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