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In this page we provide some tutorials on a variety of topics. Enjoy, and send us feedback!


How to record EEG

We provide here an introduction to NIC, our software for device control. To learn more about tDCS and EEG, please see also this Jove video:

StarStim tCS EEG recording (Jove) <ref> Schestatsky, P., Morales-Quezada, L., Fregni, F.,  Simultaneous EEG Monitoring During Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation. J. Vis. Exp. (76), e50426, doi:10.3791/50426 (2013). </ref>

{{#ev:youtube| JdcG1Qdq4h8|600|center|An introduction to NIC}}

Stimulation with Starstim

{{#ev:youtube|I5uU20ut8Fk|600|center|Configuration of NIC for stimulation: from simple to advanced}}

Referencing EEG data

Visualizing EEG signals in real time

Marking your data with manual input

Using the TTL receiver to mark your data

Receiving TCP/IP triggers

How to use the SD card

Using NIC Offline

Using Matlab to visualize EEG