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NIC2.0 is the new and redesigned version of the former Neuroelectrics Instrument Controller (NIC) application.

With a modern and intuitive interface, NIC2.0 allows computers to interact and control Neuroelectrics devices, such as Enobio 8 and Starstim 32. NIC2.0 is equipped with basic and advanced modes to design and monitor any experiment involving electroencephalography (EEG) and/or non-invasive brain stimulation with transcranial current stimulation (tCS). NIC2.0.PNG

Device compatibility

NIC2.0 is intended to be used only with Neuroelectrics® devices. The 5G devices, with WiFi™ and/or USB connection, are all compatible with NIC2.0.

NIC2.0 is not compatible with out-dated Bluetooth® devices. Check the firmware version of your device and proceed accordingly:

Firmware greater or equal to 1.2.51: Your device requires no upgrade – it is fully compatible with NIC2.0. Donwload NIC2.0 and start using it!

Firmware inferior to 1.2.51, and greater or equal to 1.2.30: Your device requires a firmware update to become compatible with NIC2.0. Such update can be remotely performed. Contact NE Support – support(at) – to schedule a session to remotely update your device.

Firmware inferior to 1.2.30, and greater or equal to 1.2.07: Your device requires a firmware update to become compatible with NIC2.0. Such update must be done at Neuroelectrics manufacturing site. Contact NE Support – support(at) – to manage the device shipment and upgrade process.

Firmware inferior to 1.2.07: The device hardware must be upgraded to become compatible with NIC2.0. Contact NE Sales – sales(at) – to request a device upgrade.

System requirements

NIC2.0 is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS computers. The computer used to install NIC2.0 needs to have the following system requirements:

• Processor: 1.6 GHz

• RAM: 2 GB

• Interfaces: USB, WiFi and/or Bluetooth® (3.0 or 2.1)

• Screen resolution: 1280 x 768

Manual & Download

Use the following hyperlinks to have access to the NIC User Manual and respective installation files:

NIC2.0 User Manual v2.0

NIC2.0 Installation Files for MAC and Windows

Mailing List

When downloading NIC2.0, you are asked to fill in a short form with basic information (name, email, affiliation and country). Such contact data are stored in Neuroelectrics® database and added to NIC mailing list. As a member of the NIC mailing list, you will be informed each time there is a new version of NIC and respective changes and/or improvements.