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'''Welcome to [http://www.neuroelectrics.com Neuroelectrics'] Wiki!'''
'''Welcome to [http://www.neuroelectrics.com Neuroelectrics'] Wiki!'''

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Welcome to Neuroelectrics' Wiki!

You can find here information on several topics of interest for users and developers, including Tips and Tricks on using our systems, general Troubleshooting, Interacting with NIC via other software, including issues such as sending receiving markers and synchronization, creating a setup for Event Related Potentials , Brain-Computer Interfacing (BCI) using our "NE Feature Xtractor", or third party platforms such as |BCI2000, OpenVibe or Pure Data, using our devices for Neurofeedback with NeuroSurfer, Data Analysis using Matlab or NIC Offline.

We also cover more advanced topics such as Direct Access to your device: The Neuroelectrics API and our NE files and data formats.

Here you will find information about tCS montages and the algorithms behind our electric field simulator system and optimizer, StimViewer and StimWeaver.