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  • ...ment is very simple, just fit the electrodes to the headband or cap, place it on the head and ensure a good contact between the electrodes and the skin. ...t Controller, and it can work with both Enobio and Starstim class devices. It also offer interactivity with our devices using other softwares, including
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  • ...and DRL cables at both clips, adding some gel at the sensors and clipping it to the earlobe. ...board, you can check that the necbox is functioning properly by connecting it to the testboard and observing signal quality in all channels. If a channel
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  • ...stabilize. If the quality indicator is yellow or red in all the channels, it may be related to the reference. If the quality indicator is red only in one channel, it may be related to a bad contact between the corresponding electrode and the
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  • ...ditional wired system the data will be received by the control software as it is sampled so the two clocks might be directly synchronized. However in wir ...xternal events occur, it compensates the timestamp of the received data so it is aligned with the EEG data streaming.
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  • ...ages, video, etc.) to a subject in order to elicit ERPs in the EEG signal. It is very important that the recorded EEG data is synchronised with those sti # The NIC server process a trigger whenever it receives
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  • ...upply, and make sure the power switch of the NECBOX is in OFF position. If it is in the ON position, the device will not charge. ...owing ways. It will not operate if the contact impedance is above 20 kOhm. It can only provide potential differences across electrode of 30 V to deliver
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  • ...raditional sponges will result in large affected areas by the stimulation. It would look like this (the figure on the left displays the normal component is as follows. The target was the motor cortex, and it relied on the use of large sponge electrodes. The "nuissance" electrode was
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  • ...recently introduced and there is little experience with its use. However, it appears as if its main effects are excitatory. ...nd from 0-500 Hz. It is a uniform distribution in time (decorrelated), but it is draw from the Gaussian at each sample.
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  • % ASCII (.txt or ".easy") or EDF format, and plots parts of it together % preserving the units (e.g., nV, ms). It also returnes NEdataRefFilPack,
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  • ...trics proprietary data format (NEDF). It is lossless (full 24 bit) binary. It can be opened by NIC Offline and exported/saved into any of the other NE fo This is another proprietary, binary data format. It can be opened with NIC Offline software and exported/saved into any of the
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  • ...the current envelope at the beginning/end of stimulation respectively, as it is during these times when the subject can feel the strongest sensations du ...amp time depends on the protocol and sensations of the patients, therefore it can be adjusted.
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  • ...roscience community, Neuroelectrics has developed an EEGLAB plugin to make it compatible with the files generated by NIC - Neuroelectrics Instrument Cont Download now the EEGLAB plugin, add it in the plugins folder of EEGLAB and start processing and analysing your EEG
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  • of some electrodes to all the electrode set. This is very advisable, as it will remove common noise from your data. 1- Physically linking the ears with a real cable is a dubious thing to do, as it forces the potential in one site of the scalp to be equal to that of other:
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  • It is fully compatible with NIC2.0.] NIC2.0 and start using it!
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  • protocols and it also allows advanced users to customize them by defining: ...ining features extracted from the EEG both in training and rest intervals. It also offers bar monitoring of the
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  • ...ontage of each step of a stimulation protocol, is displayed in a 3D model. It is recommended to use the Stim Preview visualization as a confirmation step ...tion service created by Neuroelectrics and based on StimViewer technology. It has been designed to create stimulation montages (electrode positions as we
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  • A pBCI to Predict Attentional Error Before it Happens in Real Flight Conditions.] In 2019 IEEE International Conference o ...2875244 Usability and Cost-effectiveness in Brain-Computer Interaction: Is it User Throughput or Technology Related?]. ''Proceedings of the 7th Augmented
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  • ...ectrics files in any format and carrying out simple data analysis on them. It reproduces the online capabilities of NIC, but works from a data file as op
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  • '''NIC'''] remotely and, in turn, the device that is connected to it (StarStim or Enobio class). MatNIC provides control of the main functions o
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  • ...e recall here that StarStim is a true tCS multichannel system, and as such it can be used for advanced global stimulation of the cortex.
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