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Troubleshooting connectivity issues with Bluetooth

Basic Information

The Enobio/StarStim NECBOX connects to the computer using the windows bluetooth stack. It is important to check if the computer has the Windows stack installed and working. This is not obvious when:

- The computer is a toshiba Laptop (it might use the Toshiba Stack) - The computer has Windows XP (The stack depends on the dongle used)

If the computer has integrated bluetooth hardware, the system shall be used with their integrated bluetooth. Do not use the provided dongle in a computer that has bluetooth integrated.

Some known problems and solutions:

After a certain time, the device doesn't connect anymore : remove the bluetooth device from the BT device manager and remove the associated COM ports from the device manager. Let NIC install them again.

With a Windows 8 installation you find it is impossible to connect: contact NE for a new Bluetooth library.

EEG recording issues

Stimulation issues

The impedance check returns too high impedances.

Normally the measured impedances of the impedance check might be higher, but when the experiment starts after some time they might fall down.

If there's no good impedances you can: - Add more saline solution to the electrodes and check again - Move your hair to avoid as much hair as possible under the electrode - Add some saline solution directly at the hair at the electrode zone

Some people have high impedances of his head and might return always values higher than normal.