Introducing Neuroelectrics’ Wiki!

At Neuroelectrics and Starlab we intend to stimulate activity in the areas we work in and we are convinced that one of the ways of achieving this is by publicly sharing our knowledge on different topics we find interesting. Following this philosophy, more than a year ago we started the blog you are now reading, and we’ve been (and will be) expanding it continuously. In this blog we try to contribute interesting subjects and advances in applied neuroscience and the technologies related to our work and products in an accessible and reader-friendly way.

Persisting in this attitude, we thought that it would be a good idea to also start a wiki page in which we could share more technical and focused aspects derived from our work. If in the blog we published concept introductions and general overviews, we felt we needed some place to publish and make available more concrete works and platforms we developed and more specific details on the usage of our technologies. And after giving it some thoughts, we realised a wik was the perfect medium to canalise the effort. A wiki offers us an agile tool to publish, so each one of our team components can contribute with her or his expertise. And because they are contributing to a wiki, the shared effort will result on a smoothly growing knowledge resource easily consulted by the public.

Before releasing it to the public, many members of our team were asked to write about their specific expertise on appropriate subjects in the wiki , dividing it in several sections and assigning each subsection to one of the members. Each one had the freedom to fill his or her space with the contents he or she felt was more interesting and practical for the reader.

And this is how the wiki was born: after some brief indexing work, the wiki is ready to start walking its path!

Have a look, and let us know what do you think of it. And if you think there’s something missing that you’d like to consult, we’ll be glad to try to fix/include it. Maybe one day not too far away the wiki will be ready to also incorporate your contributions!

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