A New Year at any moment

As New Year’s Eve approaches, people commonly begin to reflect on the recent year’s events and make resolutions for the year ahead. It is generally viewed as a sort of new beginning, a time to let go of the bad things that happened in the past and aim for the good things to come. However, fulfilling your resolutions isn’t always easy when it comes to your physical health. Say for example someone with depression sets a goal to do everything in their power to reduce this burden and improve their mental state; This may take a lot of time, dedication, and often help from others.
At Neuroelectrics we aspire to produce this feeling of a new beginning for people at any moment during the year through the treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders. Epilepsy, Depression, and Alzheimers are among the most common brain diseases in the world, and they take an extreme toll on the lives of people who suffer from them. This is why our company has dedicated itself to understanding the brain in more detail than ever achieved, and through this, pioneering the optimal treatment method for these conditions. We are determined to have a transformative impact on the lives of millions of individuals that are in need of a fresh start. 

Our Contribution to Brain Therapy

Neuroelectrics is pioneering a therapeutic platform to treat neurological and psychiatric disorders. Our devices combine non-invasive brain stimulation technology with a controlled digital delivery mechanism and a range of personalized treatment protocols. Starstim system is a mobile, all-in-one solution that produces simultaneous multi-channel transcranial direct current stimulation(tDCS) and EEG monitoring. Starstim is capable of recording EEG before, during, and after tDCS stimulation, allowing for a detailed understanding of the tDCS-induced effect on neural activity. Through the development of our products, one of the neurological disorders we are focusing on is Epilepsy, specifically Refractory Focal Epilepsy. 

One in three epilepsy patients cannot control their seizures with medication, and their only alternate form of treatment requires brain surgery. We have completed a 17-patient study under an open FDA IDE and produced a median seizure reduction of 41% in these patients.

So what exactly is happening inside the brain? Epilepsy is caused when there is a burst of abnormal electrical signals that disrupt and overexcite the normal signals in the brain. Our devices are able to input negative electrical waves that disrupt and balance out the brain waves.  tDCS involves the application of weak currents across the brain and can be designed to either increase or decrease neural excitability. 

Neuroelectrics has made cutting-edge advancements in the field of neuroscience, and as our company grows, we strive to continue to help fulfill these resolutions one patient at a time.

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