We recently took part in the SONAR music hack day where this year they had a dedicated track on neurohacks. Music Hack Day is an event that coincides with SONAR every year where a bunch of geeks get together to spend 24 hours hacking a music related app. This is generally a mix of music, UI, […]

Human Computer Confluence

Two weeks ago we (through HC2) sponsored a TEDxBarcelona event on the future of society and technology. The topic was inspired by an area of research that we coordinate for the Europeans Commission’s Future and Emerging Technology group called Human Computer Confluence. In its most simple form HCC is the study of the symbiosis of […]

The Dark Room

One of the most interesting theories of brain function in recent years is that of surprise minimisation. This theory was born of computational neuroscience which brings together aspects of physics, information theory and machine learning and tells us that your brain spends its time predicting what will happen next and then updating predictions based on […]

Big Neuroscience

In case you missed it, which I doubt if you are reading this blog, there have been 2 recent announcements that will have a profound affect on our understanding of the brain and the future of neuroscience over the next 10 years. The first, the Human Brain Project, came from the European Commission’s FET Flagship […]

The Physics of Neuroscience

My own meandering path to Neuroscience, as is pretty common, started with physics. This  makes  a lot of sense when you consider that a lot of what we do at Starlab and Neuroelectrics is what you might call applied Neuroscience. Hardware development, signal processing, source localisation, finite element models, current density distributions, all things that […]

Cognitive Enhancement and tDCS

One of the most interesting stories of the 2012 olympics in London was that of Oscar Pistorius, the South African 400 meter sprinter who although running with two prosthetic legs competed in the standard event. The interesting part of the story, although controversial in it’s own right, is not this however, it’s that he also […]

How Smart is your Gut?

We all know that our guts and our emotions are intimately linked and have felt (at the very least) butterflies in our stomachs before a big event. What you might not know however is that your gut contains about 100 million neurons which, to put it in perspective, is not far off what a dog […]