EEG is in the Air   “I’m looking up because that is where I want to be” Anonymous … most likely an aviator.   Brain imaging techniques are usually cumbersome and require to be used in controlled lab environments to avoid the well known artefacts. That is why, as a neuroscientist, I have always been […]

How does a baby’s brain work?

“Will you stay in our lovers’ story If you stay you won’t be sorry ‘Cause we believe in you” Kooks from Hunky Dory – David Bowie – 1971 David Bowie wrote Kooks when he received news of the arrival of his son Duncan Jones (aka Zowie Bowie). I am going to be a father too! […]

Neuroscience at Burning Man

“There will be dust” This year I made one of my dreams come true…I attended the Burning Man! For those who haven’t heard about it, Burning Man is a week long festival where a community of 70.000 “burners” build a city in a place called “La Playa” in the middle of a dessert about 90 […]

Out-of-Body-Experiences and Neurosciences

“The easiest path is not always the best” Lobsang Rampa, The Third Eye  Ever since I read when I was a teenager Lobsang Rampa’s The Third Eye, I have been fascinated with astral traveling, or as modern science calls it, Out-of-Body Experiences (OBE). In the last years, OBE have been studied from a neuro-scientific point […]

Get your brain fit

As I have explained in a previous post, we loose about 100 000 neurons per day. But this is not something to be really worried about, since the thing that really matters is the quality of their connections, not their number. As we know, the brain is plastic so we can create new connections and […]

Neuroelectrics Asian Tour

During the last 3 weeks, I had the chance to travel to 3 amazing cities: Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. The main objective was to attend the “1st International Brain Stimulation Conference” in Singapore and then the “2015 International Workshop on Clinical Brain Neural-Machine Interface Systems”. As there were some days between both conferences, I stopped […]

10% of the brain myth … discredited

There are some urban legends, myths, memes, lies or whatever you want to call it … that are so much given for granted by certain people that it really amazes me. One of them is the so called 10% of the brain myth: On average humans only use 10% of their brain. Anothe version of […]

Top 6 Curious Neuroscience-Related Publications

After many years working in the neuroscience field, I have had the chance to read many interesting papers. In this post I would like to share some of the most shocking publications I have come across with you. Some are funny, some are shocking, some are weird, some are really interesting and some are all […]