The best tech conference ever: Near future summit!

After years as an entrepreneur and after attending numerous conferences I have to admit that the conference that visionary Zem Joaquim and her team (thanks also to  James Joaquin & Obvious for the support) were able to put together at La Jolla last March was without hesitation the best one in my experience.  250 of […]

Skiing for Research.

As soon as the weather in the mountains dips below 0 degrees I look forward to one of my favourite time of the year…winter. In Barcelona it’s not easy to find a snow, however only 200km from the city, in the Pyrenees Mountains you can easily find white powder. With winter come the snow – […]

From Barcelona to the world: Neuroelectrics in Boston

It has already been two years since we landed in the US to open our new offices in Cambridge (Massachusetts). We chose the Boston-Cambridge environment because of its vivid ecosystem of talent, industry and top institutions working in neuroscience research. There are many research groups working in the field of noninvasive brain stimulation and neuroimaging […]

The rise and decline of EEG, where are we now?

Electroencephalography (EEG) is a brain-state monitoring technique that allows for the recording of neural activity non-invasively. Since the first human EEG recording in 1924 by Hans Berger, the technique has become of widespread use in clinical diagnosis and in the research community [1] (besides other not-so conventional uses, see this post by Alejandro Riera). Widespread? […]

Enobio at the outer space. A step closer

Enobio at the outer space. This is a think I personally would love to see happen. Our device has already been in a lot of different scenarios so far. From the classical ones, considering this type of device, like research labs or hospitals, to other more “exotic” ones, like parabolic flights, art exhibitions, festivals, or monitoring top athletes in action. Might the outer space […]

Correcting Ocular Artifacts in EEG Signals

All of us who deal with EEG signals know how important artifacts are. EEG is one of the biological potentials with lowest amplitude (typically a few microvolts), which makes it highly sensitive to be contaminated by undesired interferences, known as artifacts. We can find several artifacts sources such as be biological (recorded activity from other […]

Neuroscience at Burning Man


“There will be dust” This year I made one of my dreams come true…I attended the Burning Man! For those who haven’t heard about it, Burning Man is a week long festival where a community of 70.000 “burners” build a city in a place called “La Playa” in the middle of a dessert about 90 […]

Imagine… Suddenly… Not being able to speak anymore!

Every 2 seconds someone in the world will have a stroke for the first time. There were almost 17 million incidences of first-time stroke worldwide in 2010. Stroke is one of the leading causes of long-term adult disability.               Are you aware of the impact of post-stroke aphasia? Post-stroke aphasia […]

A window into the brain networks: magnetoencephalography (MEG) and simultaneous Transcranial Current Stimulation (tCS).

Based on already published large evidence, non-invasive brain stimulation (NIBS) techniques like tdCS represent very important approach for the improvement of abnormal brain functions in various conditions (psychiatric and neurological). NIBS can induce temporary changes of neural oscillations and performance on various functional tasks. One of the key-points in understanding a mechanism of NIBS is […]

The future of our species at the CCCB and Brain Polyphony

New technologies constantly appear on our life. Who could have imagined that the competence of a classical music ‘tape’ and its accompanying radiocassette would have been integrated in our telephones? Or that human communication through long distances would depend on satellite swarms floating around earth? Communications, transport and health are clear examples of what aspects […]