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    Neural Geometrodynamics: Exploring a Paradigm Shift Through Psychedelics
    January 30, 2024
    Discover the Psychedelic Revolution: How Mind-Altering Substances Uncover New Insights into Brain Dynamics
    5 Health Tech Trends Shaping 2024: Tomorrow’s Healthcare Revealed
    January 23, 2024
    Explore the future of healthcare in 2024: Digital Twins, AI Diagnosis Support, Digital Therapeutics, and more.
    Hans Berger: From Exploring Telepathy to Pioneering Electroencephalography
    January 2, 2024
    Explore Hans Berger’s visionary journey from near-fatal telepathy to EEG invention, shaping modern neuroscience.
    Turning EEG into Art – Refik Anadol’s “Melting Memories”
    December 11, 2023
    Learn about the “Melting Memories” project by Refik Anadol that combined neuroscience and tech to create a captivating art experience.
    Guidelines for Conducting a Successful EEG Recording Experiment
    November 21, 2023
    Master the art of EEG recording with these guidelines. Ensure success from setup to analysis. Empower your research with Enobio®.
    Missing Rhythm: Gamma Oscillations, Alzheimer’s disease, & tACS
    November 7, 2023
    Unlock the mysteries of Alzheimer’s Disease, learn about gamma oscillations and tACS, and the groundbreaking Neurotwin project.