Skiing for Research.

As soon as the weather in the mountains dips below 0 degrees I look forward to one of my favourite time of the year…winter. In Barcelona it’s not easy to find a snow, however only 200km from the city, in the Pyrenees Mountains you can easily find white powder. With winter come the snow – […]

From Barcelona to the world: Neuroelectrics in Boston

It has already been two years since we landed in the US to open our new offices in Cambridge (Massachusetts). We chose the Boston-Cambridge environment because of its vivid ecosystem of talent, industry and top institutions working in neuroscience research. There are many research groups working in the field of noninvasive brain stimulation and neuroimaging […]

Synchronizing your EEG recordings

So you’ve got tons of mega bytes of EEG data from a big recording campaign with several volunteers. You persuaded them to wear your EEG recording device for 40 minutes, performing several mental tasks and receiving all types of external stimuli. You are now ready to process the data and confirm your breakthrough hypothesis. Well, […]

Does Consciousness Matter?

Last month Max Tegmark from MIT published a paper on consciousness. The curious thing here is that Tegmark is a physicist and they don’t traditionally get mixed up in theories of consciousness. His paper though is very timely as it reflects a growing movement in neuroscience towards a fundamental shift in how we view the […]

Are brains computers?

Recently Stephen Hawking apparently said “I think the brain is like a programme in the mind, which is like a computer, so it’s theoretically possible to copy the brain onto a computer and so provide a form of life after death.”, which understandably generated a fair amount of noise on Twitter and elsewhere. I think […]

tDCS clinical research – recent highlights: Pain

Is transcranial current stimulation (tCS, including direct current, tDCS, alternating current,  tACS, or random noise stimulation tRNS) effective? Now that is a good and difficult question! Let me try to review recent developments.  In a recent post I provided an overview of tCS in Stroke. Here I do the same but for Pain. Please let […]

Big Neuroscience

In case you missed it, which I doubt if you are reading this blog, there have been 2 recent announcements that will have a profound affect on our understanding of the brain and the future of neuroscience over the next 10 years. The first, the Human Brain Project, came from the European Commission’s FET Flagship […]

The Physics of Neuroscience

My own meandering path to Neuroscience, as is pretty common, started with physics. This  makes  a lot of sense when you consider that a lot of what we do at Starlab and Neuroelectrics is what you might call applied Neuroscience. Hardware development, signal processing, source localisation, finite element models, current density distributions, all things that […]

How To Understand The Machine Learning Family

In former posts I have given a quick-and-dirty overview of Machine Learning and related methodologies: “what most people call machine learning in neuroscience academic texts is known in other research contexts as pattern recognition, data mining, artificial intelligence (AI), computational intelligence (CI), soft computing (SC), or data analytics. All of these refer to more or […]

Latest advances on Neurorehabilitation: moving forward!

As some of you know I am an entrepreneur leading a medical device company working on brain related technologies. Bust what most of you don´t know is that at personal level I also happen to have a very close relative, my aunt Vicky, who suffered from a cardiovascular accident that force her to stay in […]