tDCS and Stroke: What We Know So Far (Jan 2013)

In this blog post I review – briefly and by no means exhaustively – some of the literature on the use of tDCS in stroke. This is of special interest to me these days, as I am involved in a study with my colleagues at the Burke Medical Research Institute in White Plains (NY, USA) […]

What is Brain Stimulation?

Brain stimulation refers to the application of electric fields to the brain for therapeutic purposes. As a technique, it dates back to ancient times, when early doctors used electric fish to treat – we presume with limited success – a range of malaises. Today, electrical brain stimulation is widely used in neurology and psychiatry to treat ailments such […]

What the hell is Data Fusion?

Fusion seems, at first sight, to be a complex issue. When we hear fusion we might first associate it with the physics concept of nuclear fusion or in a more mundane sense that of music fusion. In the former, two or more atoms are joined together to form a heavier atom, whereas two musical styles […]

What is a Brain Computer Interface?

Probably you’ve heard about brain-computer interfaces, neural interfaces or brain-machine interfaces and as most people you may wonder what these topics are about. A Brain-Computer-Interface or BCI provides an alternative method for acting on the world. Brain waves can be measured recording the electrical activity along the scalp, what is known as EEG. Nowadays analyzing […]

Two alternatives for performance evaluation in EEG analysis through Computational Intelligence

In my recent post “How good is my Computational Intelligence algorithm for EEG analysis?” we introduced the basic procedure and goal for evaluating the performance of a computational intelligence / machine learning system devoted to the analysis of EEG signals. Please refer to that post for the introductory part. We discussed there the basic framework […]

Malasyan Computational Intelligence

Last week I had the chance of training a student group on Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning for EEG data analysis at the Petronas Technology University in Malaysia. As usual, being in direct contact with the research offspring is a very interesting experience. It looks like EEG monitoring is booming in Asia and I could […]