Skiing for Research.

As soon as the weather in the mountains dips below 0 degrees I look forward to one of my favourite time of the year…winter. In Barcelona it’s not easy to find a snow, however only 200km from the city, in the Pyrenees Mountains you can easily find white powder. With winter come the snow – […]

From Barcelona to the world: Neuroelectrics in Boston

It has already been two years since we landed in the US to open our new offices in Cambridge (Massachusetts). We chose the Boston-Cambridge environment because of its vivid ecosystem of talent, industry and top institutions working in neuroscience research. There are many research groups working in the field of noninvasive brain stimulation and neuroimaging […]

The Unknown History of Brain Science

Brain Science is older than you might expect. Of course, many of the first brain theories were wrong, but you might be surprised by the fact that the first known writings about the brain date fback to 4000 BC. Let’s have a quick overview of some of the main historical milestones regarding the Unknown History […]

Latest advances on Neurorehabilitation: moving forward!

As some of you know I am an entrepreneur leading a medical device company working on brain related technologies. Bust what most of you don´t know is that at personal level I also happen to have a very close relative, my aunt Vicky, who suffered from a cardiovascular accident that force her to stay in […]

Is tDCS Safe?

What do we know about the safety of tDCS and its variants? Quite a bit, as it turns out: in short, application of tDCS with the protocols used to date appears to be safe [Poreisz2007a, Brunoni2011a].   Already in 2008, Nitsche et al concluded: Extensive animal and human evidence and theoretical knowledge indicate that the currently […]