Quick Tips for P300 Detection

As most of you may know P300 is one of the most studied and used event related potentials (ERP) in brain computer interfaces (BCI). This potential is usually elicited by the oddball paradigm in which series of low-probability target items are mixed with high-probability non-target ones. The person carrying out the BCI task is asked […]

14 Event Related Potentials – Components and Modalities

To celebrate my 14th post in Neuroelectrics blog, I have decided to share 14 different ERP components and modalities with you. I presume you know a bit about ERP’s, or else please have a look at the basic ERP concepts explained in my previous post “Event-Related Potential: Our Brain Response To External Stimuli” before going […]

SSVEP-based BCI managing your favorite music playlist!

EU-funded project AsTeRICS was born with the main objective of developing a support platform to facilitate and improve communication resources of people with motor disabilities, with no cognitive impairment, no perceptual limitations (neither visual nor auditory) and with basic skills in using technologies such as PCs, cell phones, electronic agendas, etc. For most potential users […]