tDCS clinical research – recent highlights: Pain

Is transcranial current stimulation (tCS, including direct current, tDCS, alternating current,  tACS, or random noise stimulation tRNS) effective? Now that is a good and difficult question! Let me try to review recent developments.  In a recent post I provided an overview of tCS in Stroke. Here I do the same but for Pain. Please let […]

Where to find available EEG data?

With our previous posts, we have been trying to provide our readers with a complete set of knowledge and tools for working with EEG and other physiological signals. We presented the basics of EEG signal processing, the practical usage of EEG signal processing related to emotions or Alzheimer, useful technologies like machine learning, practical guidelines for […]

Is tDCS Safe?

What do we know about the safety of tDCS and its variants? Quite a bit, as it turns out: in short, application of tDCS with the protocols used to date appears to be safe [Poreisz2007a, Brunoni2011a].   Already in 2008, Nitsche et al concluded: Extensive animal and human evidence and theoretical knowledge indicate that the currently […]