Designing Games for ADHD Neurofeedback Training

ADHD neurofeedback training aims to present impulsivity and hyperactivity features measured in the brain activity in real time to a child suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) for him/her to learn how to self-regulate them. As was discussed in previous posts this technique has turned out to be a good complement to medication inducing […]

On the importance of negative results

This blog has included a fair amount of posts about research studies, as well as about tools, procedures and tips. With all this content, we intend to give you all the ingredients to enter the fascinating world of research and applications of applied neuroscience. Let’s say you get inspired reading the blog and want to […]

What is a Brain Computer Interface?

Probably you’ve heard about brain-computer interfaces, neural interfaces or brain-machine interfaces and as most people you may wonder what these topics are about. A Brain-Computer-Interface or BCI provides an alternative method for acting on the world. Brain waves can be measured recording the electrical activity along the scalp, what is known as EEG. Nowadays analyzing […]