10% of the brain myth … discredited

There are some urban legends, myths, memes, lies or whatever you want to call it … that are so much given for granted by certain people that it really amazes me. One of them is the so called 10% of the brain myth: On average humans only use 10% of their brain. Anothe version of […]

How the visual system manages binocular rivalry

The visual system is a complex organization that helps us behave successfully in a world full of stimuli. The visual system is unable to measure the properties that define the physical world. What we see is just our subjective perception of the world. Consequently, we can say that we don’t see the world the way it […]

Designing Games for ADHD Neurofeedback Training

ADHD neurofeedback training aims to present impulsivity and hyperactivity features measured in the brain activity in real time to a child suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) for him/her to learn how to self-regulate them. As was discussed in previous posts this technique has turned out to be a good complement to medication inducing […]

What is Brain Stimulation?

Brain stimulation refers to the application of electric fields to the brain for therapeutic purposes. As a technique, it dates back to ancient times, when early doctors used electric fish to treat – we presume with limited success – a range of malaises. Today, electrical brain stimulation is widely used in neurology and psychiatry to treat ailments such […]

What the hell is Data Fusion?

Fusion seems, at first sight, to be a complex issue. When we hear fusion we might first associate it with the physics concept of nuclear fusion or in a more mundane sense that of music fusion. In the former, two or more atoms are joined together to form a heavier atom, whereas two musical styles […]

What is a Brain Computer Interface?

Probably you’ve heard about brain-computer interfaces, neural interfaces or brain-machine interfaces and as most people you may wonder what these topics are about. A Brain-Computer-Interface or BCI provides an alternative method for acting on the world. Brain waves can be measured recording the electrical activity along the scalp, what is known as EEG. Nowadays analyzing […]