Top 6 Curious Neuroscience-Related Publications

After many years working in the neuroscience field, I have had the chance to read many interesting papers. In this post I would like to share some of the most shocking publications I have come across with you. Some are funny, some are shocking, some are weird, some are really interesting and some are all […]

Are you in control?

  A couple of weeks ago I took part in a neurodesconferencia event for Brain Awareness Week called “Hackers Cerebrals”. The idea was to talk about control, or loss of control, from the point of view of what the neuroscience tells us. Usually when we talk about this we make a point of saying that of course […]

Top 7 Weirdest EEG Applications

As we know, the main uses of EEG include diagnosis and neurofeedback therapy (including BCI). Theses applications falls into the clinical realm, but there are many more applications, some of them quite strange to say the least. One important point before starting this post: EEG and BCI are nowadays mainly used for clinical purposes, but […]

EEG and Space

EEG researchers are opening new frontiers for exploring the human brain beyond the Earth. EEG research on humans in space travel is becoming a key field in order to improve pilots and astronauts training and well-being. Through Neuroelectrics’ mother company Starlab we have strong links to the Space industry and the European Space Agency and […]

European Applied Neuroscience Projects

As I have mentioned some times in previous posts, I am pretty sure that in the next years we will see great advances in the field of neuroscience. The 20th century was the century of physics, with great discoveries such as the theory of relativity and quantum physics, among others. I reckon the 21st century […]

Neurofeedback: A Tool to Enhance Sports Performance

During the last decade the use of Neurofeedback techniques to achieve a better athletic performance has been a booming subject. More and more athletes use mental training each day as a means of achieving the ultimate competitive edge. One of the most well-known examples is the Italian football team that won the 2004 World Cup […]

Does Consciousness Matter?

Last month Max Tegmark from MIT published a paper on consciousness. The curious thing here is that Tegmark is a physicist and they don’t traditionally get mixed up in theories of consciousness. His paper though is very timely as it reflects a growing movement in neuroscience towards a fundamental shift in how we view the […]

EEG and tCS: exploiting the loop

Some years ago I was deeply intrigued by the notion of “locking” into natural brain rhythms using tACS or more exotic tCS flavors.  The basic notion stems from the idea of resonance  the phenomenon in which a forced dynamical system is able to accumulate more and more energy from dynamically-matched external forcing, as in a swing (all parents […]