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Welcome to Neuroelectrics' Wiki!

Spectrogram with TMS

You can find here information on several topics of interest for users and developers, including

Tips and Tricks on using our systems:

  - Tips for EEG recording using Enobio or StarStim devices
  - Tips for great Stimulation sessions using StarStim
  - Everything about electrodes for EEG and stimulation


 - Connectivity issues with Bluetooth
 - EEG 
 - Stimulation
 Interacting with NIC via other software
 - Sending Markers to NIC from other software or hardware
 - Receiving data streams from NIC using TCP/IP
 - Controlling NIC with Matlab: the MatNIC toolkit

Event Related Potentials how to:

 - Basic concepts; Synchronization using TCP/IP and the Bluetooth Myth
 - Using Presentation
 - Synchronization using the NE dongle

Brain-Computer Interfacing (BCI)

 - NE Feature Xtractor 
 - BCI2000
 - OpenVibe
 - PureData

Neurofeedback with NeuroSurfer

Data Analysis using Matlab or NIC Offline

Direct Access to your device: The Neuroelectrics API

 - Our C API  
 - Our Java API for Android

NE files and data formats

 - The ".easy" data format
 - The ".info" file
 - The ".edf" (EFF+) and ".nedf" data formats
 - The ".stim" file
 - SD card data

StimWeaver: About our Electric field simulations

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Getting started