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Welcome to Neuroelectrics' Wiki!

Whether you are a researcher, clinician or developer, you can find here useful information, including Tips and Tricks on using our systems, FAQs, general Troubleshooting, Interacting remotely with our software NIC and our devices via other software (including Matlab or using the MatNIC toolkit)

We address some important issues, such as how to create an experimental setup for Event Related Potentials (ERPs). We show you how to analyze your data in Matlab and how to use our NIC software to load and inspect your recordings and to visualize EEG features such as raw or filtered data, spectral density, spectrograms, spectral power scalp map etc.

A set of White Papers and learning materials provide in depth information on specific topics, such as tDCS clinical applications or technical know-how for advanced users. Click here for a list of papers citing Neuroelectrics.

We also include more advanced topics such as how to establish direct access to your NE files and data formats or Closing the loop.

You will also find here advanced information on multichannel transcranial stimulation (MtCS), including an overview of tCS montages and the algorithms and science behind our electric field simulator system and tCS montage optimizer, StimPreview and Stimweaver.

If you have questions, suggestions or ideas, please write to us at

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