Starstim® is a wireless multichannel transcranial current stimulator (including: tDCS, tACS, tRNS)

What makes Starstim a unique device?

  • Allows for wireless multichannel stimulation (tCS) using small, EEG-like electrodes or standard large sponge electrodes
  • Provides current-controlled  DC, AC and Random Noise stimulation (tDCS, tACS and tRNS), with configurable Sham option
  • Integrates multichannel brain stimulation with a fully-fledged wireless EEG and accelerometry system 
  • Enables dual use of electrodes for stimulation and EEG monitoring on same or near sites
  • Wireless wearable concept for fast and easy setup
  • Integrated with an intuitive, power user interface for easy application and monitoring of stimulation parameters, EEG and fast Electric field rendering

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