Watch your brain at TalkingBrains!

We all think, we all talk, we all communicate and navigate this world but we barely take some time to watch and observe the signals that come out of our own brain. This time, Starlab® and Neuroelectrics® have worked together to develop a brain monitoring and experimental setup within the exhibition of the TalkingBrains, powered and designed by Indissoluble.

The TalkingBrains exhibit, currently at the CosmoCaixa in Barcelona, aims to provide a scientific approach to language processing, emphasizing its variability across society, genetic determinants or its evolution through humans and non-human primates.

Do you want to contribute to current scientific research? Do you want to see and share your own brain activity? Visit CosmoCaixa in Barcelona! 


What is human language? What does it mean? When and where does it appear? How do scientists study language? Humans have the ability to communicate through language, spoken or signed in a way that projects our thoughts to the world, facilitating communication and interaction between the external world and us. But, when and how did we develop this ability? These and many other questions are addressed at the TalkingBrains, where diverse aspects of language are explored.

From Starlab®, we wanted to contribute to this exhibit by providing the tools that would allow for the exploration of the physiological basis of language. How does the brain process language? The brain communicates through electrical signals that can be monitored through surface sensors, like the ones in our electroencephalographic (EEG) wireless monitoring system. This system allows for the visualization of your brain activity, displayed for you and your colleagues to watch and observe the signals that come out of our own brain. Visitors that accept to participate in the installation would actually be conducting tasks associated to language – like sentence comprehension and memorization – and would get the chance to visualize their brain activity!

Our installation would not only explore the physiological basis of language, it would also allow participants to take part in a scientific campaign by the UPF and Starlab®. The exhibit has been designed to monitor and record brain signals associated to the language experiments you will be conducting, which will allow us to test two scientific hypotheses. Which ones? Come and visit CosmoCaixa in Barcelona to find out!

Photo By Indissoluble.
Javier Acedo, Marta Castellano and Jordi Prados -  By; Marta Castellano
Javier Acedo, Marta Castellano and Jordi Prados –
 Marta Castellano
By; Marta Castellano
Marta Castellano
By Indissoluble.
Photo By Indissoluble.